Everest Eclipse Tilt Top

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Everest Eclipse Tilt Top

제품 특징
• Hand upholstered top with Squared Corners
• Dimmable LED Accent Lighting
• Handcrafted Hardwood Cabinet Base Each Side
• Smooth, Easy Electric Lift
• Storage Drawers on each End
• Pro-Plush Deluxe 3-Layer, 12cm Cushioning
• Black Lacquer or Natural Maple Standard Finishes
• 2개의 측면 보관함(옵션:Warming Drawer 또는 LED)
• Electric Height and Lower Back Tilt
• 스퀘어 스타일 라운딩 엣지
• 케비넷 셋업 측면 스토레지
• 테코레이션 오일, 타월 케비넷

옵션추가  선택1
Digital Warming Drawer 베드 하단(스톤, 타올 워밍 서랍) $1000

옵션추가 선택2 -Head Rest Option
-Caress Rest Platform & Strata FacePillow .
-Flex Rest Platform & Strata FacePillow.

Auto Full Electric With Hand Conroler

– Storage Drawer on Each Head-End, Foot End.

-Decoration Cabinet Towel and Oil etc,. Both Center.

Including Bed Spa Accessorys
Flex Arms, Neck Roll, and Salon Headrest

WIDTHS : 76CM, 80CM  선택 가능
백부분 틸팅 핸드컨트롤,180도 펼침.
높낮이: 최저63CM~최상93CM.
LENGTH :185CM (헤드필로우 포함 197CM)

전기 : 220 Volt  16,18 (international specifications)

Origin: EarthLite USA.

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